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PROMPT: Trip and Fall

Romance/Fluff - Your characters are going for a hike when one of them twists their ankle. The other character(s) take care of it. Do they call for help or do they take care of it themselves? Does the character offer reassurances or make jokes? Include a cuddle or two. 
"Beck...you still...haven't told me...what we're doing up here," Tori said breathlessly as she tried to keep up with her friend.  Honestly, it was almost too much for her.  He'd shown her this cliff, mountain thing that they could hike, but she hadn't thought it would be so hard.

Yet, it was nice to get out with him, somewhere without everyone breathing down their necks.  Somewhere to go and maybe talk about what had happened between them before the Platinum Awards.

Or not.

It was weighing on her mind, however, to think about what could have happened.  What if they had kissed?  What would that have made them?  Her mind was jumbled with things she didn't want to do to Jade, her frenemy for all intents and purposes.  The black-haired (mostly) girl would probably never forgive her if anything happened between her and Beck.

Because friends didn't go for friends boyfriends.  Ex or not.

He turned a glance over his shoulder, smiling that lopsided grin that could make any girl go crazy.  "Out of breath already?  It's okay; we're almost there anyways."  Instead of continuing on ahead and showing her the way, he waited for her to catch up, going about it at her pace.

He was standing so close to her that she wasn't paying attention to anything else.  Did he always smell so good or did it have something to do with being outside?  No, she could clearly remember getting a whiff of this scent in his RV, too.  Hadn't she?  Her mind was completely muddled by that look he kept sending her from the corner of his eyes.

So when her foot went out from under her, she didn't even have a thought towards flailing, just fell to the dirt with a thud.

"Tori, are you okay?!" Beck asked, immediately crouching down in front of her to help her up.  His eyes were concerned and sincere and she could feel her heart beat wildly in her chest.

She nodded jerkily as she rose to her feet, but yelped as she put weight on her left ankle.  He was immediately there, helping her to sit down on an uprooted tree stump.  "It's fine, I just...did something wrong," she tried to joke, but her ankle was throbbing and it really did hurt.

Hand gently pushing on her shoulder to keep her seated, Beck bent down to examine her leg.  She was so glad she could only see his dark hair because that meant he couldn't see the blush spreading over her cheeks.  After softly moving her wounded appendage around, he sat back on his haunches, giving her a serious look.  "Well, it's not sprained or broken, just twisted a bit.  But we should probably stop here for now."

She jumped at that, rushing to stop him.  "No!  No, it's fine, don't worry!  You said we're close to the top, right? We can go sit up there until it's good enough to go back down."

So sue her.  She wanted to spend a little more time alone with him.  When did they ever get a chance to just relax together, with no one bursting in or making some stupid comment?  Besides, after this, they might be at a point they could never come back from; this was the last time she would get Beck as he always was with her.

Raising an eyebrow at her quick denial, Beck watched her for a second with an unfathomable expression before sighing.  "Okay, if you're sure."  Before she could say anything, he scooped her up, cradling her close to his chest.  "But no pressure on your foot for a bit, okay?  I don't want you to hurt it worse."

She swallowed hard, her arms naturally falling around his neck.  Forcing herself not to let her head drop to his shoulder, she said, "It'll be fine if you put me down; it isn't that far."

He shook his head, glancing into her eyes as he skillfully crept through the brush to the cliff they had set out for.  "Nice try.  I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure it would be easy to sprain it at this point.  Besides, we're already here."

Setting her down gently, he sat next to her--close to her.  As he leaned back on his hands, she noticed that his arm was right behind her, leaving her to ponder her next move.

Because she really wanted to kiss him.  Or lean on him.  Whichever came naturally.  But, staring out into a beautiful California day, she knew that it wasn't okay.  Until Jade had moved on, until she was completely fine with anything that might happen between Tori and Beck, there was nothing the brunette could do.  She had to stay away from any sort of relationship with the actor that wasn't purely platonic, no matter how much she might want to change that.

With a light dusting of tears in her eyes, she leaned her head on his shoulder.  "You know we can only be friends for now, right?" she breathed, instantly wishing she could take the words back.  Because she didn't want to be just friends.

She could feel him nodding.  "Yeah.  Because you're a good friend."  His cheek met the top of her head, but he made no move to touch her in any other way.  They sat there in silence for a few moments until he broke it.  "But once she's okay with it, I wanna give it a try."

She smiled soggily, nodding slowly.  "I think I do, too."

They sat there until the sun started to set and her ankle had stopped hurting.

Bori, Bori, Bori!

This is a future!fic.  Enjoy!

"Beckett!" Tori shrieked as her husband of five years swooped her up as she started for the stairs.  Swatting at the chest she was cradled against, she said, "You scared me!  And you definitely don't need to carry me around like I'm going to break!"

Two sets of hazel eyes watched them from across the room, smiles on sticky little faces.  The toddlers came racing at their parents, demanding to be carried by their father as well.  Cheeto-covered hands clenched up, wanting to be a part of the experience.  "Up!" the boys cried in unison when nothing else seemed to work.

Laughing, Beck placed Tori on her feet at the base of the stairs, kissing her gently on the forehead.  Then, he took Alex and Cody under each arm, schooling his features in to one of puzzlement.  "Tori, did you see where the boys went?  I can't find them anywhere!"  As the two shrieked with laughter, he turned this way and that, forcing more giggling from them.  After a few minutes of his children and wife laughing at him, Beck turned his gaze down to the twins.  "Oh," he said in mock surprise.  "There you two are!  I was looking everywhere for you!"

The moment he set them down, they were off like shots, expecting to be followed.

Before he did so, he crossed to where Tori stood, glowing as her hand rested on the slight bump of her abdomen.  His hand joined hers there, rubbing softly.  Giving her a quick kiss, he said, "I better go get them washed up.  With got the awards tonight and I promised they could come with this time."

"That should be fun," she joked, rubbing her fingers against the back of his head as she smiled up at him.  "Since you promised, you get to be the one to keep tabs on them."

He smirked, pulling her against him to kiss her--thoroughly this time.  "We all want to watch you perform before you get all those awards.  We're going to be watching as you reach your dream."

Smiling, she murmured, "I already have," pulling him closer for another kiss.

I've Most Definitely Got A Problem.

So, this is AU.  Caroline was turned by Klaus to be his eternal companion, yada yada yada.  All will soon become clear.

The Hybrid stared down at the woman lying in the cradle of his comforter, looking thoroughly exhausted. Her breathing was finally back to normal, her skin healed from numerous bite marks and burns.  When he'd found her, she'd been half dead, unconscious in the chair that his enemies had chained her to.  Her wrists and ankles were bloody from where she'd fought the holds of her cuffs, though it had changed nothing.  Still she had been forced to endure the pain of the sun, the delirium of multiple wolf bites.

And it was his fault.  When he'd turned her only half a century before, he'd wanted nothing more than a companion and she had fit the bill.  As a human, she'd been lost, easily swayed.  It had taken him little time to coerce her into bed, even less to gain her trust.  Soon, he'd showed her what he truly was--a monster that monsters feared.

She had accepted him, accepted the curse upon herself.  When he'd turned her, he hadn't expected that his heart would swell with love for such a tiny female.

Still, there he was, gently stroking her face as she slept, wishing that he had truly protected her.  If only he had seen through the tricks.

He could have saved her from the pain.

Kneeling beside her, he raised one of her hands to his lips, his own hand stroking her hair.  "Wake up, love," he breathed against her fingertips.  "Show me those beautiful blue eyes once again."  Just once more; that's all I need.  One last time.

"Niklaus?" she said quietly as her eyes fluttered open.  They bore into his, full of love yet darkened with the pain of memories.  Memories of things that never should have happened.  "Am I home?"

What a strange word.  Home.  Of course, this was where they laid their heads, where they lived with no one but a stray Original for company.  Had this house been a home before her?  Before she had blessed him with her light, had he truly felt something more for this place?  Could it ever be home again once he did what he must?

He nodded, tears choking him.  "You're home, love," he answered, voice shaky.  "You're safe."  I will keep you that way, even if I must keep myself from you.  "They can't touch you anymore."

When she flinched, he couldn't stop the rage that built within him.  He knew of all the ways those men had hurt her, knew how they'd forced themselves on her.  He'd heard them joking--as if her life were nothing more than a joke--about how she'd cried out for him to save her.  She'd called his name, begging for him to save her from the pain.  And he hadn't been there.  He had taken their bait and left her to fend for herself.  God, how he hated himself for it.

"Niklaus."  Why did she always insist on calling him by that name?  It reminded him of the humanity he'd left behind until he'd found her.  The humanity that would tear him apart when she was gone.  "Please don't do this."

It was as if she had read his mind, as if she knew what he planned.  Of course she did.  She knew him better than he knew himself, would know every move he'd make before he thought to make them.  Because she was his Caroline.  And he desperately wished he could still be her Niklaus.

But how could he face her with the knowledge that he was the reason she held so much pain?

Shaking his head, he dropped her hand from his lips, caressing her cheek tenderly.  "I'm so sorry, love.  But this is the only way to protect you."  From what they've done, from what they might do.  He had to let her go; it was the only way to protect.  Locking his eyes with hers, he said, "Open your eyes again, sweetheart."

"Never.  I won't leave you."

"But you must," he breathed.  Climbing into the bed behind her, he curled his body protectively around hers, stroking her hair as her teardrops fell on his arm.  They felt like liquid fire, burning him alive.  "I'll always be watching over you," he whispered into her hair.  "But you deserve a life I can't give you.  You deserve a male that will be able to dote on you, treat you as the queen you are."  As I have failed to do.  "Somewhere, there is someone that will give you the world; I'm just releasing you to find him."

He slowly turned her towards him, a sad smile on his face.  His thumb brushed away tears as he murmured, "You'll never want for anything.  I will make sure you are safe and sound.  But if you are with me, you aren't safe.  I have to keep my distance if you are to live."  When her sad eyes blinked up at him, he said, "Caroline Forbes, you will not remember me or what happened to you last night.  You will only remember that you are a vampire, have been for fifty years.  Sleep here for now, but once you awaken leave.  Go see the world as I promised you I would show you.  Never remember me or our time together."

Glazed eyes blinked once, twice, before her head nodded and she slept.

Rising from the bed with tears in his eyes, Klaus moved to the doorway, turning for one last look at her lying in his bed.  God, how he loved her.  How he could live without her, he would have to learn.

Using his inhuman speed, he left the house for the darkness that awaited outside, disappearing from Caroline's life forever.

More Klaroline Is Needed.

All right, this is kind of AU, kind of not.  But I'm in love with Klaroline, so suck it.


If she ever saw Katherine again, she was going to give her a pat on the back.  How someone could keep running from the Hybrid for as long as the older vampire had, Caroline would never understand.  Five hundred years? She could hardly handle fifty.

She could still remember the night before she left, as if it were yesterday.  Hell, when you had eternity, fifty years did seem like yesterday.  She could remember how she had wanted nothing more than to cry, realizing that her friends would never trust her again, all because she had made the mistake of developing a soft spot for him.  Honestly, how that had happened, she couldn't be sure.  But it probably had a bit to do with the humanity he showed her, whether it was an act or truth.

God, she just wanted to lose those memories.  She didn't want to recall them every time she laid her head down to sleep....

I knew he was in my house.  I could sense it the moment I walked in, the stillness that seemed to seep into every possible nook and cranny.  Was this the night that he would kill me?  I'd rather die hating him than the people that I cared about.  Soon, the entirety of the Salvatore gang--Damon, Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, Matt, my mom--would know about my perceived betrayal, would think of me as little more than dirt.

I just hoped that Klaus would make my death quick, painless.

The moment I closed the door, he was standing in the doorway of my room.  Was that...relief on his face?  As if he hadn't expected to ever see me again.  "Haven't you done enough?" I demanded, my voice choked with the tears I fiercely wanted to shed in private.  "Can't you just leave me alone?"  I didn't want him to see.  I didn't want anybody to see.  Because once they left my eyes, there would be no stopping them.

So I ran into my room, brushing past him in my haste.  Throwing my suitcase onto the bed, I started stuffed it with anything I thought I might need.  I had to leave.  I had to get out.  Mystic Falls would never accept me again, at least not the people that mattered.  Tyler hadn't stuck up for me as I had thought he would; he'd turned on me just like the rest of them.  I could still remember Damon's hands around my throat, threatening to kill me.

Klaus didn't come near me, kept his distance as he spoke.  "You're in danger, Caroline."  Had he ever spoken my name in such a way before?  Usually, his English lilt was soothing, even though I knew it shouldn't be.  But he sounded almost frightened, if I dared to describe him with such a word.

Perhaps that was why I glanced at him, standing up straight.  Perhaps that was why I took his words with a grain of salt, though I already knew that he was speaking the truth.  "Yes, I am," I said, wishing for strength in my voice.  "I have you to thank for that.  Thanks to your little crush on me, my friends are starting to consider me a liability.  And you know what people tend to do with liabilities, I'm sure."  I was glad for the snarkiness in my tone.  I hoped it cut him like a knife.

"I'm not playing, Caroline!" he shouted, suddenly toe to toe with me.  "Can you even comprehend the danger you're in?  Do you have any idea how many people are after you?"

My gaze didn't break away from his.  "Oh?  Is there someone outside of my realm of friends that want me dead, Klaus?  I suppose I have you to thank for that, too."  Turning away from him, I went back to packing, thinking of the fresh new life I would have to start.  If I was away from the others, maybe they would forgive me once all was said and done.

Klaus's hands were at my shoulders, spinning me around just before I was forced into the wall.  His face was contorted in fury, fangs flashing as his eyes changed color.  "This isn't a joke!"  I stared at him, wide-eyed, waiting for him to snap my neck.  Sure, it wouldn't kill me, but I was definitely upsetting him.  A little knock-out would probably make him feel better.

But I didn't back down.

Letting my own vampire face show, I grabbed his wrists, fighting him as I hissed, "No, this isn't!  This is my life!  And ever since you showed up, it's been in danger, either from you or all your sired hybrids that I have no doubt are waiting just outside to protect you, should I do something regrettable."  Realizing that he wasn't about to let go, I couldn't help shrieking, "Let go of me, you jerk!  Why can't you just take a hint!"  That seemed to catch him off guard as I threw him away from me, going to the open door as if it would help me escape.

Straightening himself, he took several deep breaths.  Was he trying to calm himself?  After a few moments of only our labored breathing, he glanced at me, as if he suddenly had a plan.  "You will come stay at the mansion with me," he said abruptly, not bothering to ask my opinion on the matter.  "I will keep you safe from them."

I scoffed at the idea.  "Seriously?" I chuckled.  "You think that would really stop them?  Besides, Elena would never let them hurt me."  If she was informed of the plan, she wouldn't.

"I won't take that chance, love.  Not with you."

My breath left my chest at the ferocity in his gaze.  What the hell was this?  I had thought it was little more than a fanciful crush, but maybe to him it was more.  I didn't want it to be more; I wanted him to leave me alone.  "You have no say in the matter," I finally choked out.  "I don't want to go with you, so I won't.  What happens to me has nothing whatsoever to do with you."

But the look on his face said otherwise.  What the hell was this?!

Snatching up my suitcase with lightning speed, he was in front of me in a second, snarling, "I won't let them hurt you.  I won't let them touch you."

I took the case from him, fully intending to hit him in the head with it.  Of course, he caught my wrist just as I would have lifted it.  "Let go of me," I breathed menacingly.  "I won't be manhandled, even by the Big Bad Wolf.  You wanna hurt me?  Do it.  I dare you."

The suitcase dropped from my hand as he shoved me into a wall, his hands wrapped around my wrists to pin them next to my head.  "I won't let you kill yourself.  You will stay with me at my home, be watched over by my hybrids when you must leave there.  I am not taking a chance that they can ever get to you."

My mind went into overdrive.  I had wanted to run, hadn't I?  To let my friends have time to do what they had to, without having to worry about me.  Wasn't this a perfect chance?  "Fine," I said, surprising him greatly.  "On two conditions.  One, you leave me completely alone tonight, let me have my last moment of peace before you start trying to order me around everywhere I turn.  Two, no hybrids.  I don't trust anything that can kill me with something as simple as a bite."  He noted the dirty glare I gave him.  If only this could trick him, I would be home free, able to run without anyone coming after me until morning.

I would be long gone them.

He searched my eyes for deceit, but my ability to lie with a straight face had been enhanced to perfection upon my transition into a vampire.  I knew that he wouldn't find anything there.

As suspicion and worry warred on his features, I knew he would agree to my conditions.  I knew, somewhere deep inside, that he would rather leave me alone for a night than let me die.

Releasing me, he growled, "Fine," in a typical angry-Klaus manner.  "But you will report to me before you go to school in the morning.  You will allow two"--he held up two fingers as if I were unable to comprehend--"hybrids to follow you whenever you leave, from a distance.  They will know that anyone that hurts you will be subjected to my wrath.  And, if you try to leave," he leaned forward, breathing lightly in my ear, "I will hunt you down and force you to do as you're told."

With that, he was gone, leaving me wondering if I was doing the right thing, trying to outsmart a thousand year old hybrid with serious trust issues.

Still, she had run that night, leaving a note for her mother, Elena, and Bonnie.  Each said that she had to go, that she couldn't tell them where.  She wouldn't contact them in any way; they would be safer without her.  Then, she'd tossed the phone out of her car window as she drove hapharzardly to Atlanta, ready to take the next plane out.

That was when she'd gone to Paris.  Hadn't she always wanted to see the city of love?  Of course, now it was merely a rest-stop; she would have to keep running if she was going to keep him off her trail.  His warning--threat, more like--resounded in her head, reminding her that she would never be safe from him.

It was only after she saw him stalking after her on the streets of London two years later that she realized what she'd done.  When she'd left Mystic Falls, leaving no trace of where she would go, he had followed.  She'd inadvertently lured Klaus away from her friends, the ones that he had been tormenting for months.  That wasn't what terrified her, however.

He'd looked pissed when he saw her.

She was sure that if she hadn't ducked into the crowd, keeping with it until she reached the nearest train station, he would have caught her.  And he would have tortured her.

So, she kept running.  She'd seen the world, at this point.  All the places she knew he would have taken her, had she accepted his offer.  Paris, Rome...Tokyo.  At one point, she wondered if maybe she could have done so, could have just jumped at the chance to go places with him.

She'd seen the first sunrise after winter in Alaska, stood at the base of the pyramids, walked the Great Wall of China.  Everything had felt empty since she knew that she wasn't there as a sightseer.  No, she was a fugitive on the run.  When she yearned for home, she knew better than to go.  She knew better than to get too close.

Over the years, she'd compeled her way across the world, spending little money, even less time.  Now she knew why Katherine had so valued her freedom.

Standing on the street of the apartment she'd had her first time in Paris, she stared up at the window where she had sat, wondering about how the others were doing.  She half expected to see a ghost of her former self there, full of some futile hope that she could go back in the future.  It was the only city she'd spent time in as a normal girl since she'd been turned.  It was probably the last place she would remember feeling hopeful in.

A cold chill crept up her spine and she froze, not wanting to look behind her.  She knew he was there, watching her.  She wanted only a few more seconds to believe that she had lost him since their last encounter--an avalanche on Mount Everest--before she had to take her punishment.  She was just so sick of running and, as of late, he was catching up with her faster and faster.  Whether it was his determination or her fatigue, she couldn't be sure.  But she knew it was all coming to an end.

"You won't even try to run, love?  Now, where is the fun in that?"

His voice was mocking, taunting her into looking at him.  But she didn't.  She just stared ahead, whispering, though she knew he could hear her as clear as day over the sound of the cars in the street behind them.

"I understand a little more about loneliness, you know," she breathed, eyes filling with unshed tears.  "I thought I knew it back then, as Elena was coming closer and closer to the life she wanted.  I thought that I understood what it was like to feel completely alone in a crowd of people.  Now, I really do."  She took a deep, calming breath, glancing over her shoulder at him.  "It's a monster.  It eats at you until all you want is that closeness.  It steals all your energy, leaves you crying out for more.  All you want is for someone to see you, to be with you."  She turned fully towards him.  "It makes life tiresome and easy to let go of.  But you know all about that, don't you, Klaus?"

The smirk had fallen from his face as she spoke and she wanted to believe that it was sympathy, understanding, that she saw cross his features for that brief moment.  But then he was furious, knocking her into the wall of the building she had been fixated on.  Her wrists were trapped in one of his hands above her head as the other wrapped around her throat.  "Fifty years of loneliness is nothing, sweetheart.  Nothing in comparison to the life I have led."

Couldn't he make it quick? She was so tired, so ready for the sweet delivery of death.  But she knew him better than that.  "Will you kill me?" she asked quietly, emotions gone from her voice.

He chuckled without mirth, clenching his hand tighter around her throat.  "You remember what I promised you that night, don't you?  Of course you do; it has kept you running all these years."  His body pressed closer to hers as the hand around her neck moved to her chin, forcing her to look at him in the eye, though she wouldn't break his gaze.  "I do not take betrayal lightly, love; you will pay for every year that I have chased after you, every attempt you've made to slow me down."

It was her turn to laugh at him.  "Oh?  Seems fair, I suppose.  But, I promise you, nothing is going to truly affect me anymore.  A vampire's lifetime of nothingness willdo that to a person."

Their eyes were locked, green against blue, when that smirk came back to his features.  "I could compel you, you know," he said suddenly, keeping her trapped against the wall only with his body as the hand on her face stroked her cheekbones and the other went to her waist.  "I could compel you to love me as you have no other, torture you.  That would get a reaction out of you," he noted dryly.  His next words surprised her.  "But I won't.  Everything you feel for me will be real."

With that, he caught her mouth with his own, kissing her with the ferocity of decades of repressed anger.

She didn't try to break away, didn't try to stop her reaction to it.  She clung to the sense of closeness, even if it was him, the Bad Guy.  The Evil Hyrbid.  The Shockingly Human Monster.

"This time, you get no chance to run."

That was when his hands went to her face, snapping her neck and knocking her out.  He carried her away, thrown over his shoulder, marching away to whatever dark cave he now called home.

Dear Lord.

Having kind of a bad day.  Writing isn't going so good and it might be that I have schizophrenia.  I talked with a counselor and he wants me to take a definite test.  I don't really know what to do about it and I know better than to talk about it through my regular name because I can't tell my friends and family yet.

But I've got to get it out.  I'm terrified.  I have no idea what I'm going to do if I'm diagnosed.  My uncle is schizophrenic and his medication can make him so loopy that it's like he's not even there.  I'm already starting to hear and see things that aren't there, mostly at night when it sounds like people are whispering in my ear or I see a man standing over my bed.  What do I do?  I'm so scared that I won't be able to go through with becoming a teacher.

I know this sounds really self-pitying, but I don't know what to do.  Honestly, I just need some help.

Klaroline #sigh

Just in a writing kind of mood I suppose.  Enjoying some Klaroline vids online, decided to write this little drabble.  Also, it's kind of A(lternate)U(niverse).

"Look at the little vampire, lost in the woods," one of the werewolves jeered as his pack-mates surrounded me.  "Little Red Riding Hood, don't you know that wolves live here?  And one little bite from us could end you."

I had known that wearing red in the woods was a bad idea.  Still, I had chosen my red business jacket for my walk. Sometimes I had to wonder if my subconscious had a death wish.  "I was just hunting for some dinner," I said slowly, careful not to sound frightened or threatening.  Who knew what would set them off.  "I switch between blood bags and woodland creatures.  Sorry if I crossed into your territory."  I definitely came out sounding like I was taunting them.  I really needed to get a grip on my biting sarcasm.

One of the women stepped forward, a snarl pulling at her lips.  "There are ten of us and only one of you; are you really going to pick a fight?  You can't take all of us," she said, proud of her accurate math skills.

Sometimes I wondered if there were any truly intelligent werewolves out there.

Getting ready to flee, I giggled mockingly at her statement.  "Sweetie, do you know what time of the month it is?  It's the new moon; isn't this when you're the weakest or something?  Besides, we can all leave here in tact if you just let me go peacefully."

"One vampire against ten werewolves, even without a full moon, isn't fair, love," one rather putrid smelling man growled.  "We wouldn't want to have to put an end to that pretty little face of yours."  He took a step forward, smirking darkly as he eyed me up and down.  Oh, that definitely wasn't going to go over well.

Suddenly, his head was separated from his shoulders with a well-placed karate-chop movement.  Before his body could drop to the ground, a beautifully lilted English voice said, "Do not call her 'love', mongrel.  You'll do well to remember your place."

I snickered as the wolves turned their attention to him, already snarling to prepare for attack.  But I also knew that they should at least know who--what--they were up against before they decided to commit suicide.

"Klaus," I called, taking a few steps towards him to draw all attention to me.  I couldn't help the smile that crossed my features while looking at him; even with that semi-crazed look in his eye, he was so utterly gorgeous that I couldn't help myself.  "You don't need to go around killing everyone that calls me 'love'.  Compliments are always welcome."

He grinned at me in return, stepping over the decapitated body of the smelly werewolf without a glance.  He grasped my chin softly when he was within a breath of me, tilting my face up towards his.  "Ah, but that should be reserved to me.  Don't I shower you with enough compliments as it is?"  Leaning his head down, he was just about to kiss me when one of the wolves interrupted us.

"You killed him!" she shrieked, throwing herself at him.  "Filthy vampire!"  Her teeth--short, blunt--connected solidly with his arm, burying themselves as deep in his arm as they were capable.

Easily tossing her away, he sighed.  "I'm not a vampire, little chit.  I'm a hybrid."  He smirked, showing all his bright white teeth.  "Which means I go unaffected by werewolf bites.  Oh, and I'm old enough that ripping your heart from your chest wouldn't make me even bat an eye."

The wolves, surrounding their wounded comrade as I held Klaus back--subtly--from simply killing her, stared up in shock.  I had no doubt that they'd heard of him, or at least his reputation.  Honestly, they really needed to think things through.

The biggest one--who was probably the "alpha"--took a step forward, bowing his head in natural wolf submission.  "I am sorry for what the others have done and said to anger you.  We'll leave here, giving you our sincerest apology."  With a nod over his shoulder, the others took off in an awkward pattern, leaving just the three of us.  "I apologize again."  Then he was gone as well.

"Love, I could have just killed them," Klaus said before looking back at me.  "They were trying to kill you.  Playing with their food isn't very tidy, however."

"I'm in one piece," I answered haughtily, waving it off before I put my arms around his neck.  "Let's just get out of here.  I'd really like to go home." I took his lower lip between my teeth, gently letting it slide from between them.  "Didn't Rebekah leave to find your brothers?  We have...the whole...house to ourselves," I whispered between light kisses along his jawline.

He smirked and we disappeared into the trees.

DE is Endgame.

  This is just something that popped into my head seeing the 3x19 promo.  I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it.  Also, this isn't about what I think will happen, but what I wish would happen.


"Stefan thinks that I'm in love with you."

Damon stared at Elena, feeling his heart beat rapidly in his chest.  She was looking him right in the eye, watching him for his reaction.  Was it so wrong of him to desperately want her to agree that she loved him, to finally admit that what was between them was more than an understanding?  He wanted her to love him, terrified that she would say for the first time that she didn't love him.  Never before had she completely thrown away any chance of them being together, but it was always a frightening possibility.  He didn't know if he could handle it.

"And do you?" he asked, feeling as if there were something large lodged in his throat.  He'd never felt so anxious as a vampire as he did in that moment; hell, even as a human he hadn't felt like that.  What she would tell him now could make or break him.  If she was quiet for too much longer, his heart might actually burst from that anxiety.

Her eyes darted away from his and she took a deep breath.  Glancing at him from under her lashes, she answered, "I...I do.  Some part of me does."

It was better than nothing.  But her nervousness, the skip in her heartbeat, made him incur that she might be lying.  Taking a step forward, he tried to keep his voice even as he said, "Oh?  What part of you is it?"  She didn't answer, just turned away from him as he moved closer.

"Damon, don't push me right now.  I've got to think things through."

Did she know how long he'd been thinking of her?  These things were important to her, but they had already been thought through time and again by him.  For all he knew, she would think about it forever.

Slowly turning her towards him, he brought them close enough until they were breathing each other's air.  "Is it here?" he asked, stroking her hair back from her temple as he'd done so often.  "Or maybe it's here?"  His thumb moved over her bottom lip, his eyes going to hers to see them flare.  His index finger followed the upper curve of her breast, just above her heart.  "Or here...."  Moving his hands to graze over her sides, he murmured, "Or even somewhere around here...."

Her brown eyes were a little frightened, but he could also detect some excitement within them.  All he'd have to do to take those lips was move his head just a little further down.  He would get the truth from her in that moment, once their lips touched, he would know for sure.

Leaning down, Damon brushed his lips softly against hers before whispering, "I need to hear it, Elena.  From you.  Not my brother, not Caroline, not Katherine.  I need you to say it."

She swallowed hard, staring up at him with those eyes that could get him to do anything she wanted him to.  All she had to do was bat her eyelashes and she had him in the palm of her hand.

"Damon," she breathed, hands going to his shoulders, "I...I love you."

Unable to contain himself, he kissed her with ferocity, wrapping his arm around her waist and lifting her against him.  This was what he needed, what he would gladly die for.  This moment was worth the year and a half of loving her from afar, being the bad guy to protect her.

6 March 2012

My parents are listening to In Spite of Ourselves (I suggest you listen to it) and they're totally wasted. It's making me think about how true love isn't like in the movies where everything falls into place. You've gotta work at it. Sometimes you'll fight, sometimes you'll cry, but at the end of the day you won't want to be with anyone else in the world.

How many people can say that? How many can say that they want to be with their spouse every night? I know that I'd miss the hell out of my fiance if I didn't see him every day. Hell, I miss out on a couple hours with him and I want to cry my eyes out!

Anyways, I just wanted to post something and this thought came to mind. Thank you for listening!

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