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DE is Endgame.

  This is just something that popped into my head seeing the 3x19 promo.  I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it.  Also, this isn't about what I think will happen, but what I wish would happen.


"Stefan thinks that I'm in love with you."

Damon stared at Elena, feeling his heart beat rapidly in his chest.  She was looking him right in the eye, watching him for his reaction.  Was it so wrong of him to desperately want her to agree that she loved him, to finally admit that what was between them was more than an understanding?  He wanted her to love him, terrified that she would say for the first time that she didn't love him.  Never before had she completely thrown away any chance of them being together, but it was always a frightening possibility.  He didn't know if he could handle it.

"And do you?" he asked, feeling as if there were something large lodged in his throat.  He'd never felt so anxious as a vampire as he did in that moment; hell, even as a human he hadn't felt like that.  What she would tell him now could make or break him.  If she was quiet for too much longer, his heart might actually burst from that anxiety.

Her eyes darted away from his and she took a deep breath.  Glancing at him from under her lashes, she answered, "I...I do.  Some part of me does."

It was better than nothing.  But her nervousness, the skip in her heartbeat, made him incur that she might be lying.  Taking a step forward, he tried to keep his voice even as he said, "Oh?  What part of you is it?"  She didn't answer, just turned away from him as he moved closer.

"Damon, don't push me right now.  I've got to think things through."

Did she know how long he'd been thinking of her?  These things were important to her, but they had already been thought through time and again by him.  For all he knew, she would think about it forever.

Slowly turning her towards him, he brought them close enough until they were breathing each other's air.  "Is it here?" he asked, stroking her hair back from her temple as he'd done so often.  "Or maybe it's here?"  His thumb moved over her bottom lip, his eyes going to hers to see them flare.  His index finger followed the upper curve of her breast, just above her heart.  "Or here...."  Moving his hands to graze over her sides, he murmured, "Or even somewhere around here...."

Her brown eyes were a little frightened, but he could also detect some excitement within them.  All he'd have to do to take those lips was move his head just a little further down.  He would get the truth from her in that moment, once their lips touched, he would know for sure.

Leaning down, Damon brushed his lips softly against hers before whispering, "I need to hear it, Elena.  From you.  Not my brother, not Caroline, not Katherine.  I need you to say it."

She swallowed hard, staring up at him with those eyes that could get him to do anything she wanted him to.  All she had to do was bat her eyelashes and she had him in the palm of her hand.

"Damon," she breathed, hands going to his shoulders, "I...I love you."

Unable to contain himself, he kissed her with ferocity, wrapping his arm around her waist and lifting her against him.  This was what he needed, what he would gladly die for.  This moment was worth the year and a half of loving her from afar, being the bad guy to protect her.


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