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Bori, Bori, Bori!

This is a future!fic.  Enjoy!

"Beckett!" Tori shrieked as her husband of five years swooped her up as she started for the stairs.  Swatting at the chest she was cradled against, she said, "You scared me!  And you definitely don't need to carry me around like I'm going to break!"

Two sets of hazel eyes watched them from across the room, smiles on sticky little faces.  The toddlers came racing at their parents, demanding to be carried by their father as well.  Cheeto-covered hands clenched up, wanting to be a part of the experience.  "Up!" the boys cried in unison when nothing else seemed to work.

Laughing, Beck placed Tori on her feet at the base of the stairs, kissing her gently on the forehead.  Then, he took Alex and Cody under each arm, schooling his features in to one of puzzlement.  "Tori, did you see where the boys went?  I can't find them anywhere!"  As the two shrieked with laughter, he turned this way and that, forcing more giggling from them.  After a few minutes of his children and wife laughing at him, Beck turned his gaze down to the twins.  "Oh," he said in mock surprise.  "There you two are!  I was looking everywhere for you!"

The moment he set them down, they were off like shots, expecting to be followed.

Before he did so, he crossed to where Tori stood, glowing as her hand rested on the slight bump of her abdomen.  His hand joined hers there, rubbing softly.  Giving her a quick kiss, he said, "I better go get them washed up.  With got the awards tonight and I promised they could come with this time."

"That should be fun," she joked, rubbing her fingers against the back of his head as she smiled up at him.  "Since you promised, you get to be the one to keep tabs on them."

He smirked, pulling her against him to kiss her--thoroughly this time.  "We all want to watch you perform before you get all those awards.  We're going to be watching as you reach your dream."

Smiling, she murmured, "I already have," pulling him closer for another kiss.



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